Chapter 10 - I Am Here To Surrender

My friends were bikers, rapists, thieves, drug dealers, prostitutes, forgers, burglars, etc. and they had planed their various business ventures in my presents. Everybody I knew hated the Man (The police). In the world I had lived in, it had always been us against them. I had been taught to do anything to keep from being caught. I had jumped bond and successfully eluded capture for ten years after encountering the police more than a dozen times. I had a full set of identification, a good job, a woman I had lived with for a few years with plans to marry. Now, two days after I had accept Jesus as my savior and been born again, I find myself standing in the police station about to do the unthinkable, that I might please God.

Yes, I said to the Mountie, I am here to surrender. My real name is Ken Burton and I am a fugitive. I have become a Christian and want to face the charges against me. I need to return to Michigan and serve a 25 to 40 years prison sentence I've been running from. Here is all my false identification. I have been living in your country illegally for ten years and have eluded capture many times. I will tell you all the names I have used and the jobs I have had. In fact, I will tell you anything you want to know about me, here I am! After listening to my story, that Mountie only wanted to know one thing. He looked me in the face and asked "Mr. Burton, have you ever had any psychiatric treatment?" To this day, I find it humorous that the officer was reluctant to lock me up. After some more conversation and seemingly against his will, he agreed to take me into custody. The officer acted as if he were doing me a favor when it become apparent I was not leaving. He locked me up and they began checking my story. When they concluded I had been honest with them for the first time in my life, they were elated.

By the next morning they were bring people back to my cell to see me. There he is. He walked in here last night on his own! Said he had become a Christian and needed to start pleasing God with his life now. They were all walking around grinning and shaking their heads. A man from the Department of Immigration came early in the day to interview me. It was then established that I had entered Canada illegally. Arrangements were made for my immediate transfer to isolation at their downtown facility. When it came time to be placed in the cell, I asked if I might have my bible. The officer in charge said no. Another officer said "Oh let him have it". I believe he had heard about my surrendering after I became a Christian and was somewhat sympathetic. The first officer insisted "He's not allowed to have it". Who would have thought they'd have wanted to deprive me of my bible. Just look at the effect it was having on me in the few days I had been reading it!! After observing the effect God's word was having on me, a wise law enforcement agency should have placed bibles in ever cell they had. In a deficient and disappointed state I was led to my cell. A short time passed and that "somewhat sympathetic officer" opened the cell door with my bible in his hand. "Here," he said with an outstretched hand. I said thanks as we seemed to have traded understanding smiles. There was such a desire in me to learn more about God, and from all appearances I was going to have the time to do so.

While waiting to be transferred to Michigan, I began to have doubts. Satan tried his best to discourage me. A pastor came to visit me. As we talked, he looked through the thick glass of the visiting room and could see I was crying, so he began to pray over the intercom. Suddenly the Holy Spirit came upon me! I felt as if I had been struck by lightning--something seemed to explode inside my body! I began jumping up and down, praising God! My doubts had all been settled.

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