Chapter 12 - Standing Before The Judge

In due time I was back in Flint, Michigan, standing before the judge, He said, "I am going to resentence you," and I wondered what was coming. To my surprise, he threw out the sentence of 25 to 40 years, and gave me 3 years' probation. It seemed too good to be true! He also dismissed the Federal warrant. The Canadian authorities dropped all the charges they had against me for the 10 years I was running in their country. I'm very thankful for the great love and mercy God has shown toward me. He turned my life around. I have the privilege of visiting many places across the country and sharing my testimony with various groups. I enjoy telling what God has done for me.

I was a loser, but now I am a winner since I teamed up with Jesus Christ. I'm glad I stopped running. How about you? Are you running from God? He is pursuing you because He loves you and wants to help you. If you will give yourself up, He will make you a new person. I know from experience that if you will put your life in His hands, He will give you a new start, and help you to be a winner.

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