Chapter 5 - A Fugitive For 10 Years With
The Police In Hot Pursuit

I decided to go to Canada because the place was full of American draft dodger at the time. I hoped the Canadians would assume I was just another draft dodger hiding out from the Vietnam conflict. I got together a sleeping bag and what little cash I could find on such short notice. About midnight I was saying goodbyes and about ready to go when the neighborhood police showed up. They were young guys and new on that beat. They had heard about the trip room and asked if I would show it to them. They may have been told to keep an eye on me that night. We visited for a while and after they left, I did likewise.

A friend and my old lady drove me into Canada via the Detroit, Windsor border. We thought with more traffic at the Windsor border it would be easier to cross than at the Sarnia crossing. To my dismay I found Windsor too small to hide in. When my friend drove me to Chatham, the next city, it proved to be almost as small. They needed to hurry home before I was discovered missing. Chatham would have to do, because we were running out of time. I told my old lady goodbye knowing I might not ever see her or our son again.

They continued the trail without me and the jury found me guilty. The judge sentenced me to 25 to 40 years in prison. He then issued a Federal warrant for "flight to avoid prosecution." For the next 10 years I was a fugitive with the police hot on my trail. I had a number of narrow escapes.

I was working at a record store in Toronto, Ontario one day when I had volunteered to run an errand to the office supply store across the street. On my return trip I noticed a police cruiser pass on the opposite side of the street. Always alert for signs of trouble, I tensed up but continued walking. He thought he recognized me and made a u-turn on that busy street. Leaping out of his car he confronted me there on the sidewalk as I was about to enter the record store. The odds didn't seem to be too bad against me since we were on Yonge Street near the corner of Bloor. That's one of the busiest places in the city. The sidewalks were full of people and the street was jammed with cars. I knew the subway was very close by and it was after all only one cop. He seemed a little unsure of himself and I thought I could bluff my way out of this.

As we sat in his car he started to tell me I was wanted. He had not arrested or handcuffed me so I knew he wasn't sure who I was. I told him he was wrong as he stared at me trying to remember. Soon he started to tell me how I had changed my appearance and he was right. I keep telling him he was mistaken and that I worked at the record store we were parked in front of.

I was beginning to feel a bit uncomfortable when he waved at another cruiser that happened to drive by. When that officer came up to his window he asked him if he could identify me. After a long hard look he said no. I kept on lying and soon had them convinced they had made a mistake. They decided to release me. However, one of them said he'd return to the record store where I was working and he'd show me a mug shot of my twin brother! Of course, I didn't wait for him to return with that photo.

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