Chapter 7 - The Police Were Driving In
As We Were Driving Out

My running continued through out most of the night. Just after sunrise I was able to contact a friend. He helped me change my appearance and bought me a bus ticket.

The tickets agents seemed quite interested in me. As I waited for the bus they kept looking my way. I boarded the bus and an hour later it stopped for lunch. A man whom I recognized to be a plainclothes policeman strolled into the restaurant for coffee and casually sat down by the bus driver. Evidently the ticket agents had tipped off the police, and I knew they would be waiting for me at a roadblock a few miles down the road.

As we were boarding the bus the plainclothes officer got in his car. When the bus pulled out, the officer drove out ahead of us and turned in the opposite direction. So I saw my opportunity. I told the bus driver to let me off the bus, and I hurried back to the gas station next to the restaurant, where I called for a taxi. When the taxi came I jumped in and crouched on the floor, telling the driver to leave quickly. He did so, and informed me that the police were driving in as we were driving out! The taxi dropped me off at a little store several miles down the road. I contacted a friend who drove me to Peterborough, where I hid in a movie theater until there was a bus leaving for Toronto. Once in that big city I began to breathe more freely. Very few people could possibly understand the torment I suffered as a fugitive.

For 10 years I lived in fear, running for my life. The police were everywhere I turned. Relentless as they were in their pursuit, I found myself being pursued by an invisible Presence far more persistent. I know now that unseen Presence was the Holy Spirit. He reminded me of some things I had learned in childhood--of a place called heaven which God has prepared for people who love Him, and a place called hell for those who turn their backs on Him. I began to think a lot about the future life. After suffering so much in this life, I didn't want to spend eternity in a place of torment with no chance of escape!

"Jesus, hold my hand, I need thee every hour. Thru this pilgrim land, protect me by thy power. Hear my feeble plea, O Lord Look down on me. When I kneel in prayer, I hope to meet you there. Blessed Jesus, hold my hand".

As I sang my eyes began to fill with tears. Though I was a hardened convict, here I was fighting back tears when I felt the presence of The Holy Spirit. They told me later that was called conviction. It is the work of the Holy Spirit calling people to seek God's forgiveness. I knew God was not happy with the life I was living, but I lacked understanding in these matters. What I did understand was what this life had taught me. Never show weakness to anybody! If you can act cold and hard enough, nobody will want to try you. Have you ever considered the behavior of people behind bars, or in a bike club, or this type of situation in general? My lifestyle did not permit me to show signs of weakness to anyone, and I thought the tears were a sign of weakness. I wiped away the tears and resisted The Holy Spirit. He is mighty, but also very gentle; He will not force himself on anyone. He stepped back and let me go my way.

One day I heard a man talking about Jesus. He said that when Jesus spoke to the crowds some of the people would say, "He is a mad man! He has a devil!" while others would say, "These aren't the words of a mad man. We understand what He is saying. These are the words of life." I wondered what I would think of Jesus' teachings if I read about them. Would I be able to understand what He said? I decided that if I ever had an opportunity to examine a Bible, I would look into it and see what Jesus had to say.

It didn't seem like that was likely to happen any time soon. There were no Bibles in my home and I'm pretty sure none of my friends owned a Bible. When it came time to choose between buying alcohol, drugs or a Bible....well, you got the idea. However, you don't think those kinds of thoughts without God acting upon them.

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