Chapter 8 - Ashamed To Be Seen With A Bible

I was living in downtown Vancouver B.C. at the time and had gone to the Pacific Centre Mall which was a short walk from home. I was living with a woman named Marion who wanted to do some shopping and I had reluctantly agreed to tag along. We were walking down a long corridor with stores on both sides. She would enter a store while I waited in the hallway. When she returned, we would go down a few more doors, and I'd wait again.

I was sitting there waiting when I saw a booth where two Gideons were giving away new testaments. You know who the Gideons are if you've ever stayed in a motel or hotel. They leave Bibles everywhere but you so seldom ever actually see one of the Gideons. They tend to be "low profile - behind the scene" kind of people.

The Holy Spirit started speaking to me. "The answers to the questions and problems in your life can be found in that book" This was just what I wanted and the price was right. I'd take a free Bible, but the thought of purchasing one never once crossed me mind.

I was just about to approach the booth and receive my free Bible when I looked around and realized where I was. This was a public place with people all around me. I was so ungodly I was ashamed to let someone see me even touch a Bible. The Holy Spirit has to be the gentlest being in existence. He will never force his will upon anyone, great or small. He can however be very persuasive. He kept gently telling me I needed to get that Bible. I really wanted it, but there were too many people around and so I just keep walking past the booth. I'm thankful God doesn't give up easily. He kept tugging at me to get a Bible.

I had walked some distance past these gentlemen when I could resist the Holy Spirit no longer. I turned to Marion and asked her if she would mind going back to that booth and getting me one of those free books.

Well...I wish I could describe the look she got on her face. I told her not to come back and hand it to me, just put the book in her purse and I'd get it when we got home.

God must have been involved because it was probably the only time in her life that she did exactly what I asked her to do! Later when we arrived home, she brought the Testament to me. Looking me in the face she said "Listen, don't you go getting mixed up in something weird!" I assured her there was nothing to worry about, I was only curious about some things.

I began reading a portion each day. I started with Matthew and found what Jesus taught. I discovered the message of that Testament was not mysterious at all; I found it plain and easy to understand. Jesus is the Son of God and came to earth in human flesh so that He might redeem mankind by dying on the cross. A day of judgment is coming but there is forgiveness for anyone who will confess his sins and trust in Christ as his Redeemer.

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